Welcome To BlogTaker.com…

We’re web development & digital marketing company and the product on this site are ready made WordPress blogs, each one targeting certain market or niche.

In short, these sites are done-for-you WordPress blogs that allow you to quickly and easily own a blog/website without having to spend hundreds of dollars on web designer services or wasting countless hours trying to learn and set up everything by yourself.

We, not only make your investment low but also provide step by step guide so that even a complete noob can manage and run his own blog and site…

All ready made WordPress websites comes pre-populated with content, pre-installed with important plugins, pre-designed with graphics and beautiful premium theme (cost $49 alone theme).

For niche marketers, these products will help you to quickly set up a website/blog in a any market or niche you want to target. You can then continue to add more contents and eventually build an authority website on that particular niche.

Every blog package can be quickly installed on your server, fully functioning, just like the live demo you see for each of them. Each product comes with detailed tutorials on how you can easily set up and customize the package.

Each blog is designed around carefully chosen, high paying, evergreen niches proven to make money! You could have a big money making blog up in minutes!

All you need is a domain and hosting then upload, install, start driving traffic and watch the cash flow into your bank account! If you are new to using WordPress, we have set up a step by step WordPress Tutorial here. Even if you don’t know, what is domain or hosting don’t worry, we have everything to help you out.

Why Certain Niche Blogs?

Whenever someone start a blog or site, that must be targeted to particular niche that’s why each blog is targeted on profitable topics.Let us understand it this way, suppose you’re dancer, if you want to start a blog what your area of choice would be to write on or teach people, certainly it is Dance Related blog.

Same way if you’re dating coach, you will go for Dating blog, if you are expert in teaching how to pick up a girl, you will go for topic like, How to Pick up girl and so on…